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The data you need to make the right decisions

When advertising on Google Shopping, the data you generate forms the basis for improving campaign performance.

Unlike other machine learning platforms, Bidnamic’s platform gives you full access to all your campaign data. And our team of ecommerce specialists will help you identify the data insights you need to beat your competitors.

    bidnamic transparent data dashboard

    Do you know your own core metrics?

    Our clients benefit from:

    • a 12 page interactive dashboard within your Data Studio account
    • weekly consultative meetings with our Google Shopping experts
    • access to outliers – best and worst performing SKUs
    • search term data to use in other digital platforms

    Historic data from day one

    Bidnamic’s platform uses several advanced technologies to access historical data as soon as we launch a campaign for our clients, unlike alternatives that start with a blank sheet.

    This accelerates the machine learning process and minimises the time needed for our clients to see tangible results.

    One of the proprietary techniques we have developed is Reliable Tracking Periods, which enables us to identify and fix anomalies in the pre-launch data that risks slowing the machine learning process, such as:

    • inaccuracies caused by under/over-tracking
    • historical tracking inaccuracies
    Smart Shopping vs Bidnamic

    Capture insights from search terms

    Bidnamic’s platform gives you access to the search terms your customers use, so you can use this invaluable information to target new customers on other channels, such as social media, SEO, and other marketplaces.

    Being able to see search term trends also helps inform your restocking and new products decisions, so you don’t miss out on surges in demand.

    Unlock your data and optimise your Google Shopping performance

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