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What’s limiting your performance?


Each sale costing too much?

How we can help


Not enough revenue growth?

How we can help


Too time intensive to manage?

How we can help

Each sale costing too much?

Competition has driven up costs per click, making it difficult for retailers to maintain profits on Google Shopping.

Bidnamic sets the right bid for every SKU, so you can outrank competitors whilst maximising profitability.

How we do it

Disappointed by inconsistent revenues?

Are shoppers searching for what you sell, but being lost to rivals competing against you for every customer?

Bidnamic uses machine learning to leverage purchase intent understanding, so you can win clicks from high purchase intent searches.

How we do it

Too time consuming to manage?

Volumes of data have surpassed what a human can manage: constantly changing bids, stock availability, pricing and seasonality make this a never-ending task.

Bidnamic’s ‘always on, always learning’ algorithms analyse thousands of data points in real-time, constantly optimising for profitability and revenue.

How we do it

We have proven success

We offer great prices to our customers so we needed a solution that generates a very high ROAS. Bidnamic consistently delivers this for Garmentory – often 15x or more – as well as insights from a very innovative team.

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Sunil Gowda

Co-Founder & CEO

Bidnamic helped The Union Project use Google Shopping to establish a really solid ecommerce foundation for our business. One of the most impressive things is how the machine learning platform can identify strong buying intent at an SKU level, which is information we can utilise in other channels.

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Max Shaw

Co-Founder and Director

We were blown away with how granular Bidnamic can get – their platform allows Lounge to bid based on profitability for each product, which was impossible to do manually.

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Hannah Lewis

PPC Manager

I like having the confidence to leave the management of Google Shopping in Bidnamic’s hands – it frees up my time to be able to focus on Naylors Equestrians’ other campaigns.

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Fran Oldfield

Ecommerce Manager

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