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Reduce acquisition cost and increase profitability with Bidnamic

Profit focused bidding for every SKU

Bidnamic understands the cost price and profit on every product SKU in your catalogue and utilises machine learning to bid every SKU in your catalogue uniquely.

This maximises profit on single units, drives larger order values and avoids wasting Ad Spend on low-profit products, resulting in increased profitability on Google Shopping.

Protect profits with high-frequency bid management

Bidnamic predicts the changing market signals of Google Shopping and reacts with high-frequency bid changes to ensure if competition and cost rise, you do not lose the profits by overbidding.

Bidnamic keeps you in the sweet spot, maximising profitability.

Match your budget to the most profitable search terms

Bidnamic understands that not all search terms have the same buying intent.

Machine learning identifies the buying intent and targets your budget to win clicks and sales from the most profitable purchase search terms and redistributes spend away from unprofitable search terms.

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