A New age, multi-brand, contemporary fashion retailer achieved a 62% increase in revenue within 6 months

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Cheltenham, UK

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Proudly independent operation providing contemporary men’s fashion, lifestyle & homeware

The Union project was founded by Chris and Max in 2013, they are a proudly independent operation providing contemporary men’s fashion, lifestyle & homeware. The Union Project is self-funded, self-initiated, and aspires to evolve the shopping experience for customers both in-store and online.

Chris, Max, and The Union Project team are all about new fashion, new trends, and carving their own path in the market -and the exponential growth of the business is a testament to that.

Bidnamic partnered with The Union Project in May 2019 to help them elevate their Google Shopping strategy. 

The Problem

The Union Project needed to increase visibility on their wide-ranging catalogue while maintaining a strong Return on Ad Spend

Like many retailers, The Union Project was up against big brand retailers who had the upper hand on Google Shopping. The Union Project sells well-known brands such as Carhartt and Stussy selling high ticket products takes more clicks to get a sale, so it’s important to get consistent visibility at each stage of the customer journey. 

They needed a solution that would ensure every product in their catalogue was continually in the sweet spot of bidding and ensure they’re paying the optimal price for every search. With over 5000 SKUs this would be impossible to do manually, Google Shopping has simply gone beyond what a human can manage. The Union project needed dynamic, high-frequency bid management. 

The spread of COVID-19 was expected to have a massive impact on businesses in Q2. It would see some of the hardest times many retailers would face, so the Union Project needed a solution that would continually provide results and provide some financial security. 


Product SKUs

In Online Catalogue


Revenue Growth

In a 6 Month Period


ROAS Growth

In a 6 Month Period


Cost Per Click Decrease

In a 10 Month Period

Amazing experience!

“As a multi-brand retailer, they have helped shine a light on the full potential across our brand mix. That has been the highlight of the experience for us and has certainly accelerated growth in areas that we may not have otherwise realised. This has certainly contributed to our relocation to a larger warehouse facility as a result of our first 2 quarters trading this year.”

Max Shaw The Union Project

The Solution

Bidnamic’s machine learning, human thinking approach increased The Union Project’s revenue by 62% in just 6 months

Bidnamic created a strategy for The Union Project with the aim of increasing traffic, decreasing the cost per click, and improving return on ad spend. To achieve this, Bidnamic uses machine learning to redistribute ad-spend, so that they only bid aggressively on terms that are likely to convert into a sale.

Bidnamic’s machine learning, human thinking approach looks at what is trending and which search terms are most profitable for different times. During Q2 this was vital, as so many people moved to online shopping while the high street was closed because of the COVID-19 outbreak, meaning online traffic was higher than usual.  

In 6 months Bidnamic was able to improve revenue by 62%, in Q2 there was a 25% increase in clicks and a 42% increase in impression share. This was largely down to Bidnamic’s AI noticing an increase in traffic for a certain product and adjusting the bid price so that product was more visible. 

Over the years we have built a great relationship with The Union Project, our customer success team has weekly calls to discuss performance, budget, and just a general catch up.

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