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The Scoop

Stocking some of the largest names in Men’s Designer Clothing.

Standout launched in 2005, after the idea came about after a few beers in the local pub. Starting with only a few select designer brands, they now offer over 50 of the latest fashion brands, such as Superdry and Calvin Klein.

They pride themselves on offering a large variety of the latest styles and trends in designer wear at the best price, without compromising on quality. Whether you want a designer t-shirt, hi-top shoes or a trendy accessory – you can find it all at Standout.

Standout needed a solution that could help them stay competitive on Google Shopping whilst also increasing the volume of sales profitably.

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The Problem

Standout wanted to gain more sales without sacrificing return on ad spend.

Fashion retailers across the board have seen record losses amongst the uncertainty of Brexit and the UK economy as a whole. Standout needed a solution that would guard them against an environment that has got the better of so many other stores.

In addition, the fashion industry is very seasonal and fast-paced, so they needed a solution that could increase the volume of sales so they could sell all their stock before the next seasons stock is ready to be sold.

Being such a competitive market, they were fighting for attention against the biggest names in retail. The question was how an SME business could increase volume and compete against these bigger names, without burning through their ad spend and making little ROI.


Products SKUs

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Revenue Growth

In the first 3 months


Return On Adspend Growth

In the first 3 months


Conversion Rate Growth

In the first 3 months

Amazing results!

"Bidnamic increased our revenue (YoY) by 115% over the critical festive period"

Roger Martin Standout

The Solution

Bidnamic increased their Return On Ad Spend Growth by 271%

Standout had previously struggled to bring the volume of sales at a sustainable ROAS. The fashion industry is incredibly competitive and is dominated by big brands who have the budget to waste on generic search terms, pushing independent retailers off the Google Shopping carousel.

Utilising the Bidnamic software, Standout has been able to compete with large fashion retailers, ensuring they are in front of the right customer, at the right price. Since working with Bidnamic, they have seen a 271% increase in ROAS and a 124% increase in conversion growth.

Bidnamic’s purchase intent engine ensures they are only bidding aggressively for terms likely to convert into a sale. Paying the optimal CPC per term ensures that Standout are maximising their ad-spend to its full efficiency.

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