One of the UK’s Leading Equestrian Retailers with a Giant Product Catalogue

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Lancashire, UK

The Scoop

Bringing you quality equestrian products since 1965

Stocking the best brands available, today, Naylors is one of the UK’s leading equestrian retailers. 

Their family-owned business supplies riding boots, wellies, clothing, horse products and pet products for the equestrian and country enthusiasts alike.

Over time, they have grown a massive catalogue of equestrian products. Naylors needed a solution to Google Shopping where they could effectively manage their expansive range of products, with the aim of growing the business even further.  

The Problem

Naylors needed to maintain profitable traffic, whilst increasing visibility throughout their extensive product range.

Naylors have built up a large product catalogue over the years with over 61.7K product SKUs, bringing its own unique challenges. 

Naylors needed a solution that could ensure every SKU in their catalogue had the right visibility on Google Shopping, so they could maximise sales across their product line. Creating a well-developed intent structure is key for targeting the seasonal demands of equestrians. However, the largest hurdle they faced was how to do this without blowing their budget. 

This is a very common problem for retailers using Google Shopping, as it is very easy to overbid and waste budget or underbid and risk lack of visibility on the channel. They needed a solution that allowed them to continually hit the sweet spot of bidding to ensure they are paying the optimal bid price for every single search. But with manual bidding, this is impossible to do, as it would require dynamic, high-frequency bid management that no human could be physically capable of. 


Product SKUs

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Revenue Growth

In a 4 Month Period


Return on Ad Spend Growth

In a 4 Month Period


Cost Per Click Decrease

In a 10 Month Period

Game Changer!

I was sceptical at first, but I logged on the first morning and saw there had been over 265k bid changes made already, just for the 1p bids. This would have been impossible for us to do in such a short period of time!

Francesca Oldfield Naylors

The Solution

Dynamic SKU level bidding enabled Naylors to increase Revenue by 195%

Bidnamic incorporated a strategy for Naylors to maintain profitable traffic whilst ensuring visibility for their full product catalogue. To do this, Bidnamic analyses hundreds of variables for every single product SKU to predict the right price to pay based on the purchase intent of the search query. The bid value is updated dynamically, ensuring they are always in that sweet spot of bidding. 

Working with Bidnamic has allowed Naylors to increase their revenue by 195% without compromising costs or their ROAS. They have been able to grow and scale their business and the increased revenue came with a cost decrease of 24% and a 274% increase in ROAS.

Utilising Bidnamic’s software has led to greater visibility, as impression share has increased by 16% within the first 8 months and enabled an 85% increase in ROAS for their leading brand.

Decreasing CPC by 51% was vital for Naylors successful shopping campaigns and ultimately ensured that traffic has been profitable.

The Results

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