UK’s leading garden decor retailer Get Potted increases YoY revenue by 712% in the midst of a global pandemic

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Home & Garden



Watford, United Kingdom

The Scoop

A place for garden lovers to get the most stylish decor, furniture, and flowers

Artur & Nina founded GetPotted in 2016 after seeing there was a lack of stylish pots for those that loved designing gardens. GetPotted offers exclusive planters, garden furniture, and flowers. They partnered with Bidnamic in September 2019.

Along with many other businesses GetPotted struggled to deploy ad spend without performance dropping, they needed a solution that would increase their return on ad spend and make Google Shopping profitable. 

The Problem

GetPotted needed to deploy ad spend without performance dropping and increase visibility

As you can see from the graph below, in March due to everyone spending a lot more time at home there was a spike in traffic for Home & Garden which meant GetPotted needed to ensure they were appearing for every relative search term to gain the competitive advantage.

Google Trends for “Home & Garden” 01/03/2020 – 31/05/2020

GetPotted needed a solution that would ensure every SKU in their catalogue was getting the right bid, at the right time so they could maximise sales. They needed to be able to develop a successful, well-designed intent structure to target the rise in demand for home and garden products without overspending on their ad budget.

The economic effects of COVID-19 meant many businesses needed to adapt very quickly and diversify their marketing to make sure their online shopping campaigns were as optimised as they could be to take advantage of the increase in traffic. 


Product SKUs

In online catalogue


Revenue Growth

In a 3 month period


Return On Ad Spend Growth



Cost Per Click Decrease


Amazing experience!

"Bidnamic has been a great support during these unprecedented times and our business has gone from strength to strength”

Artur Iliev GetPotted

The Solution

Targeted search term bidding and machine learning increased GetPotted’s revenue by 712%

Bidnamic incorporated a strategy that focused on targeted search terms to improve visibility and ensure more sales, due to the increase in demand for home & garden products it was important to be bidding the right price for the high purchase intent queries, Bidnamic’s machine learning will analyse hundreds of different variables for each product SKU to predict the right bid price, the bid value is updated dynamically 24/7, 365 days a year.

Using Bidnamic’s software, during the beginning of the COVID-19 period (March-June) GetPotted increased revenue by 712%. As you can see from the graph below, their YoY growth is incredibly impressive, with an average CPC decrease of 40%, this has allowed them to spend ad budget in other areas of the business. 

Year on Year Growth for GetPotted using Bidnamic’s Google Shopping solution

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