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Berlin, Germany

The Scoop

Stocking the coolest items, FY is a website and app, selling jewellery to wall art.

FY is a platform where you can discover products from the coolest emerging brands artists and designers all over the world. “Inspired by you, made for you” so you can discover stuff you actually want to buy on your own terms.

They are a global marketplace, offering free shipping and returns on every order. FY wanted a solution that could get visibility on their products, and have a solution that could be scaled globally.

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The Problem

A truly global solution

Increased visibility was key for FY, alongside an easily scalable platform. Having so many SKUs to manage on Google Shopping, on top of the many counties they sold to, made it very difficult to remain profitable and increase volume.

Due to the international aspect of the business, it was hard to keep track of bids in different time zones in real time.

The Bidnamic platform allowed FY to reach new customers, in new territories without the worry of taking up management time. Bidding 24/7 means that if a new product is added at any time, it starts being advertised, regardless of country time zones. Bidnamic offered them a stress-free solution, allowing the business to get on with what’s important to them.


Products SKUs

in online catalogue for all regions


Revenue Growth

In a 9 month period


Average Order Growth

In a 9 month period


Conversion Rate Growth

In a 9 month period

"Here at FY, as a company working in multiple countries, we needed a solution that could work wherever Google Shopping was available. Bidnamic has helped us achieve visibility for our 50,000+ product catalog, at a lower CPC"

Tom Beverley FY

The Solution

Bidnamic increased revenue growth by 157%

Across the 9 months using Bidnamic, FY have seen a 157% increase in revenue growth alongside a 111% increase in conversion rate growth.

As well as gaining more converting traffic, they saw a 22% growth in average order value, meaning their customers spend more on average when shopping on the site.

Bidnamic has given FY a scalable solution to Google Shopping that can be used over all territories, without performance being improvised by the restraints of traditional Google Shopping management. 24/7 bidding means that their bids are constantly being adjusted regardless of the time zones they are selling to, whilst also taking into consideration over 107+ different variables.

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