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Independent foodie company scales online sales and outcompetes larger retailers using Google Shopping

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Impact in Numbers

112% ROAS growth

1656% Revenue growth

56% Cost per acquisition reduction

The scoop

The home of great food & drink

BoroughBox is the solution to your foodie cravings. A space for everyone who deserves a little treat. Founded by Andy Lawson in 2014, they support over 1000 honest and inspiring independent food and drink businesses by connecting them directly to you.

BoroughBox began life when our founder Andy saw first-hand the challenges that independent producers were forced to overcome. It was hard for them to stay afloat in a biased market that neglected them in favour of mass-market suppliers.

The challenge

Increase sales volume and scale up their Google Shopping campaigns

In early 2020 BoroughBox met Antonio, one of Bidnamic’s co-founders, at a networking event. At the time BoroughBox were relatively new to Google Shopping and wanted to increase their volume of sales to maximise revenue. They were previously manually bidding and with such a large catalogue it would have been impossible for them to bid individually at the high level needed.

They needed a solution that would enable them to bid on a high volume without over- or underbidding, to maximise sales through Google Shopping.

Working with Bidnamic has given us our best ever results with Google Shopping. The automated bidding means that one of our largest marketing channels delivers profitable sales with minimal input needed from us, which gives us the time to focus on other areas of growth.

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The solution

We introduced a transparent and data-driven approach

Bidnamic implemented a strategy that would use machine learning and our unique purchase intent model to allow high volume bid adjustments at the individual SKU level.

Working closely with BoroughBox we have also shared valuable insights into the customer journey which has helped BoroughBox to further understand their customer base and expand their reach.

The results

Using Bidnamic’s ‘machine learning, human thinking’ approach BoroughBox increased ROAS by 112%

By using our unique AI-powered SKU level bidding, we have been able to create a sales intent funnel and scale up the ad spend on Borough Box’s Google Shopping account.

Resulting in a 1656% year-on-year increase in revenue, an 1813% increase in conversions, and a ROAS increase of 112%.

Their CPA has reduced by 56% and this has meant they have saved ad budget and are able to deploy that to other areas of marketing. 

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