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Leading sports retailer needed a solution to increase revenue without compromising on ROAS

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Impact in Numbers

111% Revenue increase

82% ROAS growth

103% Conversion growth

The scoop

Leading sports retailer optimises Google Shopping and increases website traffic

A&A Sports started from a humble beginning in their brick and mortar stores in the North West and now stock some of the biggest brands across the globe online.

A&A Sports have over 25 years of experience in the sports & fitness industry and wanted to step up their online marketing strategy and increase revenue through Google Shopping.

The challenge

They needed a solution to increase revenue without compromising on ROAS

With a product catalogue of over 5,000 SKUs, they were unable to bid on a granular level resulting in lower conversions and website traffic. They needed a high-frequency, dynamic solution that would ensure they were always in the sweet spot of bidding for every single SKU and able to optimise their Ad spend.

A&A Sports had reached a ceiling with their Google Shopping management. They wanted a consultative approach which would allow them to focus on the business at hand, developing new product lines and providing Bidnamic with invaluable industry knowledge.

The team at Bidnamic have been a real big help in growing our online traffic and sales. The team has worked closely with us to reach and exceed our goals, and we aim to grow further with their help and expertise.

Dean Gorton


The solution

Introducing dynamic, SKU level bidding

Bidnamic implemented a strategy based upon a consultative approach from the A&A team. The aim was to increase revenue utilising Bidnamic’s machine learning platform. With SKU level data, the Bidnamic team were able to provide A&A with key insights.

Bidnamic’s machine-learning platform analyses hundreds of variables to predict the true bid value for purchase intent search queries. Working alongside the A&A Sports team, Bidnamic has been able to harness machine learning with human ingenuity and a wealth of industry knowledge.

The results

A&A Sports increases revenue by 111% using Bidnamic’s dynamic SKU level bidding

Since joining Bidnamic, A&A Sports has seen great year-on-year growth in all areas of Google Shopping: their ROAS has increased by 82% and revenue has increased by 111%.

Using Bidnamic’s consultative approach, our customer success team has weekly calls with the A&A team to discuss how Google Shopping campaigns are progressing. The valuable data we share with A&A sports has meant they’ve been able to optimise their website performance and improve other aspects of their marketing.

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