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Are you using purchase intent to your advantage?

It’s just part of the routine of managing text ads, but impossible to do in Google Shopping without our technology.


    bidnamic three levels of purchase intent

    Not all search terms are equal

    Our machine-learning platform is able to analyse data for every single SKU, all day, every day.

    This provides real-time, accurate insight into search terms and their respective purchase intent.

    As the conversion rates of search queries grow, we bid more aggressively to win the traffic.

    search intent purchase intent carousel

    Win the right impression spot

    65% of shoppers click the first impression of the Shopping carousel, regardless of product price, image, or vendor.

    You only want to keep the top impression when the traffic is converting, or risk wasting ad spend.


    Combining AI and natural language for precise intent

    Having engineered our automation with Natural Language Processing, we’re able to determine likelihood of conversion from the order and string of words in a search term with utmost precision.

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    Our technology

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    Precise SKU-level bidding

    Analysing hundreds of variables to find the true bid value for each SKU

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    Full data transparency

    We firmly believe in full transparency and accessibility to your data

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