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Precision bidding for every SKU

At any given time, each SKU has its own ‘true’ bid value – an exact price that captures the click at the right cost for your business. 

The complexity of identifying this precise value has simply gone beyond what a human can manage.

bidnamic sku level bidding
bidnamic sku level bidding mobile
Bidnamic SKU level bidding variables

How do you calculate precise CPCs?

Even a small number of products can generate hundreds, or thousands of variables.

For retailers managing hundreds of thousands of SKUs, this task becomes simply impossible, leading many to turn to group bidding.

Group bidding generates average results

Google’s best practices recommends using group bidding: using broad average values, a single CPC is applied to all the SKUs in that group.

By calculating bids using average values you will achieve average results at best.

Google Shopping agency vs Bidnamic

Precise bid calculations for every SKU

Our algorithms analyse hundreds of variables for every product SKU to predict the right price to pay for each click.

Everyone looks at conversion rates and product margins… or at least they should.

We go one huge step beyond, triplicating campaigns for purchase intent and adopting Natural Language Processing in order to identify the most accurate CPC for every single SKU.

SKU level bidding: summary of the benefits

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