What is a Google Shopping Feed?

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Google Shopping Feeds – What the hell are they?

So you’ve probably done some research around Google Shopping and seen “Google Feed” being mentioned a lot. I bet you are thinking, “what the hell is a Google Shopping Feed”. Don’t worry, as we have said a thousand times before, Google Shopping is a great channel but also very difficult to get the hang of when you have never used it before. 

Allow us to explain. 

What is a feed?  

A feed is basically a file made up of a list of products using grouping and attributes to define each product in a unique way. A product feed (or data feed) is an excel, .txt or .xml file that contains all your products information. This information is sent to shopping channels to communicate the information your product listings need to contain. 

What’s the difference between primary and supplementary feeds?      

A primary feed is the required data source that the Merchant Centre needs to be able to display your products on Google. A supplementary feed provides additional data that can be connected to existing product data in the primary feed. They are essentially used to update existing product data (it replaces data from the primary feed). 

What is a Google Shopping feed? 

In simple terms, this is a spreadsheet that describes and organises your product catalogue in a Google-friendly format. 

A Google Shopping feed differs from a Search Feed, as you won’t have direct control over which search terms trigger your ads. Google will determine if your products are relevant to the search query by using the feed information you have provided. 

You can either input these products to the Merchant Centre manually using a Google Sheet, or you can use third-party services that auto-generate the information. Which you decide to do will depend on how many products you have to manage. 

Google Shopping Feeds: Crucial to your success

It is very important to keep your product feeds up to date and optimised to ensure your Google Shopping Ads have the best opportunity to be profitable. You can’t advertise on Google Shopping without a feed, so it’s crucial to the success of the channel. 

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