Small village shop to scalable major stockist of spare parts

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West Sussex, UK

The Scoop

Small village shop scaled to a major stockist of the biggest named brands

Spares2you is a family run business, starting as a small local village shop in 2001. They stock popular brands such as VAX, W4 and SEBO. 

They faced the challenge of gaining visibility to customers on Google Shopping to compete with large retailers stocking the same brands, whilst also keeping costs down. 

Their Google Shopping strategy seemed to be hitting a glass wall, making it harder to scale the business any further. Spares2you needed a solution to Google Shopping that would give them the ability to scale the business whilst remaining a profitable channel. 

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The Problem

Spares2you wanted a scalable solution to Google Shopping

Spares2you have always had success on Google Shopping and it is their main marketing channel with the objective of driving new and loyal customers to the business. However, they had reached the capacity to scale on Google Shopping using regular bid management. 

They needed a fresh approach to Google Shopping that could go beyond what a human is capable of to provide true scalability for the business. 

To achieve this, Spares2you needed a platform that could adjust bids on a 24/7 basis, whilst also taking into consideration all the different variables that could affect their bid prices. This would ensure that they are always in the “sweet spot” of bidding so they are never over/underbidding for relevant search terms. This reduces their wasted ad-spend and allows them to re-invest to create more visibility on the platform. 


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Amazing experience!

"Bidnamic has met our expectations regarding our goals and targets for google shopping, their sophisticated system is increasing orders whilst reducing the campaign costs."

Richard Hobbs Spares2you

The Solution

Bidnamic increased Return on Ad Spend by 118% Year on Year

Spares2you decided to join Bidnamic after running a successful campaign on their sister site

Since joining Bidnamic, they have been able to grow and scale their business through Google Shopping with a 31% increase in Impression Growth Y.o.Y. This increased visibility has given them a 109% Revenue Increase and a 118% ROAS increase. 

During this time, there have been 127K bid changes on the Google Shopping account for their 3K SKU catalogue, ensuring they are always in the “sweet spot” of bidding so there is never any wasted ad-spend. This would have been impossible to do without the help of Bidnamic’s 24/7 software management and machine-learning, human thinking capabilities. 

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