Keeping up with the digital landscape from 1840 to 2019

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Southampton, UK

The Scoop

One of the UK’s largest independent stockists of Power Tools, Hand Tools and Industrial Safety Products.

Lawson H.I.S. Ltd is a family owned UK Company. Established in 1840.

Lawson has grown to one of the biggest power tool suppliers in the UK and continues to expand its offering.

As a company that always likes to stay ahead of the curve, they wanted to make sure to keep up with the fast-paced digital landscape by using the power of automation through Bidnamic’s solution to Google Shopping.

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The Problem

Lawson H.I.S had the frustrating challenge of managing a HUGE catalogue of products.

Lawson’s product catalogue totals over 70,000 unique SKUs. Bidding accurately on such an enormous portfolio is impossible for a human being.’

Lawson needed an approach to Google Shopping that would allow them to bid on a more granular level. The problem with having such a large amount of SKUs meant their only option was to group these SKUs into groups and set bid prices on different characteristics, such as brand.

The problem with doing this was that each individual SKU had different product margins to take into account. However, it was impossible to take this into consideration when setting a bidding strategy due to there being so many.

The result meant that they would be losing out on valuable ROAS and was wasting their ad-spend, not to mention the hours and time it took to manage this all manually on Google shopping.


Product SKUs

in online catalogue


Revenue Growth over the Festive Period


Average order value growth


Impression growth

Amazing results!

“Bidnamic changed a time consuming headache into an asset for the business”

Richard Brown Lawsons H.I.S.

The Solution

Bidnamic increased impression Growth by 297% in a 6 month period

Since joining Bidnamic, Lawson has been able to push its entire catalogue, with accurate bidding on each individual SKU.

Bidnamic makes over 3,500 bid changes per week for Lawson, guaranteeing they are in front of the right customer at the right price. Each bid price is set whilst considering 180+ different variables.

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