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Lincoln, UK

The Scoop

John Greed is one of the UK’s most exciting and fastest growing independent jewellery retailers.

John Greed is a jewellery retailer, founded by John Greed himself back in 1991 with just a bicycle and £100 to his name. The company has come a long way since then and now has a strong online presence.

For John Greed to reach their next step, they needed to bid accurately on their large portfolio of SKU’s as they have wildly varying margins. The challenge for them was to help them compete with the larger retailers in the market.

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The Problem

Competing with high street jewellers proved expensive and not cost effective.

Due to the brands that John Greed stocks, the market is highly competitive and it meant using Google Shopping was proving to be expensive and not cost effective.

They struggled with getting the visibility for their whole product range and needed to implement accurate bid management to help them maximise their ad spend. They needed a smarter approach to Google Shopping so that they could create greater visibility online and make a profit.

They required a data driven approach that could identify opportunities in the market.


Conversion Rate Growth

In a 7 month period


Revenue Growth

In a 7 month period


Return On Ad Spend Growth

Amazing experience!

“The customer service at Bidnamic is exemplary”

John Daulton John Greed

The Solution

Bidnamic increased revenue by 36%

Bidnamic increased their conversion rate by 19% whilst maintaining ROAS, and increasing revenue by 36% in a 7 month period.  

Their 15K+ SKU range now has accurate bidding on a 24/7 basis, taking the headache and frustrating task of Google Shopping out of their hands so they can use their time more effectively in other areas of the business.

They are now able to compete against the bigger retailers without wasting their ad-spend budget and being unprofitable.

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