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About Us

We are a marketing technology platform designed to help retailers unlock their full potential of Google Shopping. Our platform provides retailers with an unfair advantage on Google Shopping, significantly increasing market share by outranking competitors and increasing revenue. Our precision bid management increases efficiency of ad spend, thus lowering costs to acquire the right customers.

Born out
of our own frustration

Bidnamic was born out of our own frustrations with Google Shopping whilst scaling our own eCommerce marketplace, Dizinga. Bidnamic has enabled us to dominate Google Shopping profitably while eliminating the common problems associated with the platform.

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Current practices mean the best shoppers see the worst results

The retail landscape has become incredibly competitive with the rise of online retailers. Marketing costs are rising with platforms, such as Google Shopping, seeing Cost Per Click increase year on year. This, along with retailers increasing budget on the platform competing to win the same customers is making it hard for businesses to stay profitable.

Rethinking bid management for the digital age

Retailers need a new approach to Google Shopping management, so they can stay competitive without wasting money. Bidnamic achieves this by applying machine learning to profile every single product SKU in your catalogue, predicting its optimal bid value algorithmically.

Changing the digital landscape one bid at a time

Bidnamic are revolutionising Google Shopping bid management by utilising AI and machine learning to gain the best results for our clients. Google Shopping has gone beyond the capabilities of human management and Bidnamic is the solution to a time consuming and difficult channel to stay competitive on.

Our Culture

Our People

We put our people at the heart of our culture. We aim to make Bidnamic the best place to work based on what our employees tell us they want. Every person in the team is a valued member of the Bidnamic family. We are looking for people that want to build the business and grow with it every step of the way.

Our Future

We believe in building our company to be open & transparent with both our employees and clients. We are fast growing and always give our people the opportunity for personal development and growth. We are hardworking, motivated people who want to make an impact in the digital marketing world, whilst having fun at the same time.


  • Change The Game - Build the future
  • Be Transparent - Communication is key
  • Work Smarter - Not harder
  • Learn & Grow - We are ambitious
  • Have Fun - Life is for living
  • Work Together - We help each other succeed
  • Be Diverse - We are stronger when we are different
  • Be Weird - Don't be afraid to be yourself
  • Results Driven - Our data gives us power
  • Love Our Clients - Their success gives us happiness
  • Positive Energy - The glass is always half full
  • Demand The Best - We look for the best talent and reward excellence

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The Humans Behind The Magic

"I love the culture we have created at Bidnamic because every single employee is valued and their voices are heard. I have grown with the company and I'm always encouraged to become the best I can be through constant support and training. Friday food and trips away are a great bonus."

Rebecca Cooper

Sales & Marketing Co-Ordinator

"A forward thinking company with a huge emphasis on development of Bidnamic staff and continuous training to help build employees from the ground up to be the best they can be."

Tom Stephenson

Google Shopping Specialist

"Having worked for many companies I have never found anywhere where a company values its employees as they do, weather it be the constant support and training offered, or the multitude of perks they offer such as Friday lunch every week, work events and trips they take us on. Brilliant place that I feel lucky to call work."

Katie Joyce

Google Shopping Specialist

Backed by CEOs & Founders of market leading companies

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