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Why Google Shopping matters for your business

Purchase Intent

Become visible to consumers actively searching for your products.

High Volume

Billions in sales on the most popular site in the world.

Repeat Sales

Amazon and eBay give you orders, Google Shopping gives you loyal customers.

What do you feel is holding you back?

Driving Success

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

The Problem

It was too time consuming

With over 70,000 SKUs, Lawsons H.I.S. required a solution that offered 24/7 bid management for their entire product catalogue.

“Bidnamic increased our Impression Growth by 297% in a 6 month period"

Lawsons H.I.S. increased impression Growth by 297%

The Problem

We were invisible to our customers

Stocking over 50 leading men's fashion brands and selling in a competitive market made it essential to gain more visibility.

"Bidnamic increased our revenue (YoY) by 115% over the critical festive period"

Standout increased ROAS Growth by 271%

The Problem

Each sale was costing us too much

Due to the significant loss to acquire each customer, Google Shopping was proving to be an unsustainable channel.

"Bidnamic reduced the cost to acquire a customer by 31% during 2019"

Stitch & Story reduced the cost per customer by 31%

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