What are the biggest eCommerce retailers doing to compete this Christmas?

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It’s less than 2 weeks till Christmas and the panic is starting to set in. Every retailer is ordering extra stock and promoting discounts to attract all the customers they can as consumers frantically search for gifts to give their loved ones. But what strategies are the biggest eCommerce retailers using to compete during the Christmas period? 

So many customers are moving towards online shopping for Christmas to save themselves from facing the hectic high street. Shopping online gives customers the power to compare offers and browse different websites to find the perfect presents. 

Whilst I’ve been shopping online myself, I found that there are some common strategies all the biggest retailers are implementing to attract customers attention and help them decide where and what to buy. 

Same day delivery

Every year we have the sudden panic that we haven’t done our Christmas shopping in time, so retailers offering same-day delivery gives many customers a big relief leading up to the big day. Amazon has always been great at this, giving the option of same-day delivery for specific goods if you are a Prime user. Argos also do this very well with same-day delivery and pick up. 

Delivery is a big factor when it comes to last minute Christmas shopping and its something many customers take into account when shopping, so make sure you have fast delivery options! 

Christmas discounts 

When it comes to online shopping, many customers will be comparing prices for their most wanted Christmas gifts. Make sure you are being competitive on pricing if you are selling products that are stocked in multiple retail stores to ensure you get that final purchase.

Retailers, such as The Fragrance Shop offering up to 50% off, have this nailed. 

Emotionally engaging adverts 

You know it’s really Christmas when the emotional adverts start appearing on our TVs. John Lewis has mastered the emotionally engaging tv ad trend, with many people tuning in to see what this years advert will be (Bidnamic did a premiere when it came out of course). 

The objective is to get your customers emotionally engaged in your brand and the message you are trying to portray, so they are more likely to shop with you. 

Smart Google Shopping strategies

As Christmas approaches, Google searches increase, with customers frantically searching for the perfect gift. Google Shopping provides retailers with an excellent opportunity to market products to customers actively searching for the products you sell. Big retailers know this trick all too well and with a quick search, you will see some of the biggest names competing for customer clicks. 

For smaller retailers, the struggle is to compete with bigger retailers without wasting budget. The best way to do this is by concentrating on long-tail search terms and by being as granular as you can with your bidding strategy. See our latest post on how to supercharge your Google Shopping campaigns for Christmas.

Below you can see a table showing how Bidnamic dominated Google Shopping for our fashion client, Standout, compared to some of the biggest retailers such as Asos, Amazon and John Lewis. Bidnamic’s smart approach to Google Shopping allowed a small retailer to outrank competitors during the busiest period. 

Having smart strategies in place can be make or break for many retailers, so make sure you are prepared and are concentrating your efforts in the right areas. 

Rebecca is a Google Shopping specialist, who frequently writes about trending eCommerce topics, as well as looking after marketing, content and event-related activities for Bidnamic.

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