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For most people, the holiday season from November to the end of December is the most popular time for shopping and gifting. Don’t go into the holiday shopping season without reading up on these key trends which might help wrap up your strategy a little bit tighter.

Amazon, the grinch who stole Christmas 

42% of ‘gift purchasers’ are expected to purchase all or most of their gifts via Amazon this year. However, the majority (58%) will buy a few or none of their gifts via Amazon. This means that retailers can still compete by offering personalised, customer-centric experiences. Stay on top of the queries triggering ads and funnel traffic effectively using negative keywords. Keep feeds up to date and out of trouble by responding quickly to any warnings from Google Merchant Center.

People are searching for holiday gifts early.

A quick look at Google Trends shows people are thinking about Christmas even earlier this year. According to the latest data, searches about Christmas shopping began to increase in September! It’s a good idea to send out some incentivising content earlier in the year to get those early shoppers. 

Gift guides are more popular than ever before

It’s a lot easier to browse in a brick & mortar store than online, which is why this year’s gift guides have become an emerging category in search marketing. Marketers are capitalizing on this trend by publishing their own online gift guides and personalizing their links and ad copy to the consumer. 

Artificial Intelligence 

According to Business Insider, retailers that have implemented personalization strategies see sales gains of 6% to 10%. Here at Bidnamic, we know machine learning is the way forward, but don’t take our word for it here are of some of our success stories.

Voice search is leading the way

According to new guidelines by Google, content for voice search should include more textual content as this will allow them to appear in rich snippets and knowledge graphs. Using voice-enabled buttons can lead to more conversions from smart speakers, improving the numbers for eCommerce stores. 

Snap and Shop

Image shopping is becoming an emerging trend. Users will be able to point their camera towards a product they see and order it from an online store, here’s a video showing how Kohl’s are using this new software. This new trend is likely to lead in selling affiliate products. For example, Pinterest has launched its own photo camera. It recognizes and interprets images to provide an accurate product description. It has already partnered with many eCommerce stores and top search engines. It provides them with relevant data for classifying and interpreting images.

ROPO is on the rise

ROPO stands for Research Online, Purchase Offline. After 15 year years of online shopping, consumers are getting thrifty and looking for the best deals. Consumers prefer to research the product they are looking to buy online before they make an offline purchase. A wide range of techniques and metrics can be leveraged here. For instance, data of mobile payments, CRM, point-of-sale systems geo-location tracking etc. Online retailers should build detailed customer profiles. Profiles of customers who prefer researching online before making any purchases.

This ones for our American friends

This season will be the shortest holiday season since 2013, it will be a full 6 days earlier this year so consumers will be rushing to buy those lost minute presents so make sure you’re prepared! 

We hope this little insight into some popular trends was helpful to you. We’ll be covering some more Christmas topics in our ‘12 Days of Google Shopping’ so stay tuned!

Is Google Shopping your main marketing channel during the Christmas period? 

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