Making the most out of the gifting season: creative content

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The festive season is one of the best times of year to engage with your customers in a cheery way. Great holiday campaigns come in all shapes and sizes, so here are a couple of marketing ideas for this holiday season:

1. Content Advent Calendar

I think it’s safe to say that everyone loves a good advent calendar. It’s time to reinvigorate the beloved tradition of gorging of Cadbury chocolate squares every December morning! 

Why not recreate that festive giddy excitement and use this concept by curating and posting a daily image (or possibly meme) treat on your social channels. 

If you’re feeling extra generous this season, why not consider creating an email calendar series with different blog posts for each of the 24 days running up to the big day. Think of using a combo of product spotlights, staff Christmas stories or content from other sites. 

Suddenly your subscribers have a strong purpose to open your emails, read your content and actually engage with you in the leadup to Christmas*

*That is as long as your content is valuable and helpful, not just another means of annoying self promotion. 

Take inspiration of fashion powerhouse Asos and their ‘asos_advent’ campaign:


They posted a daily photo leading up to Christmas and offered their followers a chance to win a new prize every day. Another added bonus was their use of creating user generated content: followers that posted a photo and used the hashtag #instadvent were also entered in the daily draw of prize winning. Potential customers tend to trust other peoples genuine content more than your own.

2. Show Your Charitable Christmas Spirit

Christmas is definitely a time of giving, and emotion plays a big part at Christmas time. If there’s a particular cause your brand is passionate about, now is the best time to showcase it. 

Whilst the likes of Toms buy one and we’ll give one in need programme may not be feasible for everyone, it’s still possible to give back to the community through donations. Offer a small percentage of every sale to be donated to a specific charity that your business cares most about. 

Partnering with a charity is a great way to gain more brand awareness, network with others and most importantly: give back to the community.

3. Create a Gift Guide

Gift guides are nothing more than a simple collection of products that people buy as gifts. Creating one is a great way to draw people to items in your catalogue that make a great gift. 

You’re able to replicate this by creating a landing page on your site that showcases all of your products in one place. Promote this on all your other social channels too (creating a guide also means one less post to think about for your content advent calendar…) 

Hannah is a Google Shopping specialist with a keen interest in marketing trends and content creating. Hannah also helps create content for Bidnamic.

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