How top retailers use Google Shopping as their secret weapon this Christmas

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Pssst, we’re going to let you in on some secrets…

Christmas is a crucial time for many online retailers and making sure you’re the star at the top of the Christmas tree is essential to achieve those key conversions & sales. It’s so important to do everything you can to optimise your Google Shopping. This article will let you in on the best-kept secret strategies used by the top retailers this Christmas.

Keep an eye on your stock availability

It’s likely your best-sellers are going to sell out quicker than usual and if you’re not prepared your advertisers might go all Scrooge on you. If you notice any of your products have stopped selling check that they haven’t sold out – If they have, you can pause your campaign to stop anymore wasted Ad Spend. There is an “out of stock” scripts that can be downloaded from Adwords that will pause your campaigns automatically. 

Split campaigns by Gender


When planning your Christmas campaigns you tend to see there is a clear gifting trend based on Gender. We’re talking about a certain gender you see running around boots on Christmas eve! There is a definite rise in men’s purchases just a few days before Christmas. Reflect this in your advertising strategy by splitting campaigns by gender and bidding for female consumers earlier in the month and men’s closer to Christmas. 


You’ll often see top retailers using countdowns for free next day delivery or same-day delivery. Countdowns have been proven to improve CTR by 11% and they create a sense of urgency for potential customers.


Tis’ the season for Ad customisation 

Add a simple dynamic reference in your chosen ad copy and you will have ads that will change as and when your promotions change! As we mentioned above adding a countdown into this will increase the urgency. The ad copy doesn’t need to be changed, only the reference sheet so your quality score will be maintained even if the ad shown to users changes. By showing the best deals to potential customers with all the above you’ll be saving yourself money by lowering the CPC. 

Late to the Christmas party?

Have no fear, retargeting is here! Have a unique retargeting campaign up and ready to go and nudge those who visited your site but didn’t make a purchase. By simply overlaying remarketing lists and increasing bids for those who have visited gifting pages on-site, you can boost conversion rates by up to 10%.


We hope this will come in handy in the run-up to Christmas. We’ll be covering some more Christmas topics in our ‘12 Days of Google Shopping’ so stay tuned! 

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