Black Friday is over, what now?

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The calm before the storm?

A quick Google search of ‘Black Friday Ecommerce’ turns up about 55,800,000 results and many of these articles claim to give you the best tips and tricks to optimise your Black Friday sales, but no-one’s talking about when black Friday ends…

Black Friday may be over but the proper holiday shopping season has just begun! Many retailers are in the peak of Q4 which can make or break your year so we’ve outlined a few things you might want to think about in the run-up to Christmas.

No rest for the wicked

We’re guessing a lot of effort has gone into making sure you’re ready for Black Friday. You’ve probably done loads of analysis, such as should I be pushing higher bids? and when could our load time improve? Is our audience right? Don’t stop now! This kind of analysis is valuable so use it to your advantage for the next 2 months.

Your sales cycle might change

There are a few (elite) people in this world that do their Christmas shopping early and like to take advantage of the Black Friday sales in November. If you isolate your sales performance by month, you may find that December is under index so try to look at the ‘season’ as a whole.

Keep them coming back

Consumers are being bombarded with Christmas marketing communications as early as October, so keep your consumers engaged by getting creative with your content.

Your website will likely be receiving a high amount of traffic for the Christmas season so there’s no better time than now to push out some great engaging content.

Christmas time is a time for people to come together and share traditions and experiences, your audience may be diverse but they all have one thing in common: Your Brand. 

We hope these few tips will come in handy in the run-up to Christmas. We’ll be covering some more Christmas topics in our ‘12 Days of Google Shopping’ so stay tuned! 

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Laura is a Google Shopping specialist with a background in media & marketing, Laura runs a lifestyle, beauty and travel blog in her spare time. Laura also helps create content for Bidnamic.

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