Bidnamic’s favourite Christmas toys over the decades

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There have been so many articles and blog posts discussing what the hottest kids toys are for Christmas in 2019. We thought we’d shake things up a bit with a throwback. We went around the Bidnamic office and asked our employees what was their favourite toy was growing up – the toy we all begged to see under our Christmas tree as a kid! 

The Tamagochi – Katie (Google Shopping Specialist)

Nintendogs – Hannah (Google Shopping Specialist) 

Furby – Rebecca (Sales & Marketing Coordinator)  

Hot Wheels – Tom (Google Shopping Specialist)

Leon – Mindstorm (Developer) 

Ninja turtles outfit – Anthony (Google Shopping Specialist)

Baby Annabell – Laura (Google Shopping Specialist) 

Transformers – Alan (Google Shopping Specialist) 

Buzz Lightyear – Tyrone (Google Shopping Specialist)

Beyblades – Adam (Google Shopping Specialist)

WWE Wrestling Toys – Emily (Google Shopping Specialist) 

Toy Soldiers – Eliot (Google Shopping Specialist)

Lego – Oli (Google Shopping Specialist)

Talk Boy – Sanj (Developer)Bicycle – Rob (Data Engineer) 

Train toy – Ingvar (Co-Founder / COO) 

Tracy Island Set and Figures – Henry (Customer Success Manager) 

If that hasn’t been enough nostalgia for you, we thought we’d put together some honourable mentions – just in case your favourite Christmas toy was missed off the list!

We hope this post brought you many memories of Christmas’s past!

Rebecca is a Google Shopping specialist, who frequently writes about trending eCommerce topics, as well as looking after marketing, content and event-related activities for Bidnamic.

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